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Stump Removal Bucket

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Side teeth on the bucket cut through stubborn roots and three cast steel teeth dig deep under stumps.
Auger Drive-Planetary
These gear reduction drive units are designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications.
Auger Mixing Bucket
Self-loading 1/2 cu. yd. capacity bucket, steel auger with rubber flighting, 24" and 36" chutes for extended placement.
Backhoe - Mini with Swing
In-cab electric controls and a 140 degee-rotation cushioned cylinder for smooth operation.
Backhoe - Mini, Fixed
Mini-Backhoe Fixed model digs 73", reaches 75" from mounting plate, and 3895 lb. dig force.
Backhoe In-Cab
Remain in the comfort of your cab and operate all of the skid steer AND backhoe controls from the seat!
Boom Lift
Unload material from hard to reach areas, move and trees, concrete forms and more!
Pulverize concrete and rock quickly and easily into load-ready debris.
Broom, Angle
The EDGE Angle Broom cleans up just about anything anywhere.
Broom, Angle - Snow
Use year-round for removal of snow or light debris from sidewalks, parking lots and more.
Broom, Hopper
This bi-directional collection broom sweeps in forward and reverse.
Brush Root Grapple
Dual independent grapple arms to clamp awkward size logs, stumps, rocks, brush and more.
Brush Root Grapple - Single Cylinder
Handle awkward materials such as logs, brush, loose hay or straw. 39", 43" and 48" feature a single cylinder.
Bucket - High Dump
Ideal for loading feed mixers and trucks - extends vertical lift by 44" and horizontal reach by 13".
Bucket, 4-in-1 Combination
Multi-tasking Bucket ideal for scraping, grading, grappling, dozing, spreading material and more!
Bucket, Skeleton Rock
Designed for picking up stones and large, awkward debris.
Turn wood waste into valuable groundcover. Self feeding hopper handles branches up to 4" in diameter.
Cold Planer
Quickly mill asphalt and concrete with standard and high-flow models available.
Concrete Placing Bucket
Go where a cement truck can't and pour concrete for patios, footings, into formed columns or walls.
Dozer Blade
Dozer blades feature 30 degree angling and 10 degree tilt for all your scraping and leveling projects.
Feed Alley Scraper
Features a 1-1/2" x 10" reversible, replaceable rubber blade with 3" of wear per side and 8 angle positions.
Grader Blade
High performance grading with in-cab proportional hydraulic control of blade height, angle and tilt.
Grader Laser
Use the optional Laser System with an EDGE Grader Blade for a perfect grade every time!
Grapple - Spring Rotating
This versatile grapple will move pipe, culverts, logs, telephone poles and more with precision.
Grapple - Utility / Manure Fork
Single cylinder grapple designed to handle bulk materials, straw, manure, silage and more.
Grapple Bucket
Move heavy, hard-to-handle material with independent grapple arms.
Heavy-Duty High Reach Clipper
Reach 6-ft. and rotate cutting head 110 degrees to clip branches up to 9" in diameter.
Hopper Broom
Collects debris in the hopper bucket for dumping in another location.
Land Leveler with Scarifier
Fast and efficient finish grading, aggressive cutting and fine finishing. Scarifier model breaks up hard soil.
Log Grapple
Handle logs, pipes, concrete forms, brush or other bulky materials.
Log Puller Rotating Grapple
Lift and handle heavy, awkward logs, pipe, poles and more with controlled precision, up to 1500 lbs.
Log Splitter
Up to 30 tons of power to splits logs up to 24". Double efficiency with optional 4-way splitter.
Log Splitter Inverted
No need to lift heavy logs! Stay in the comfort of the cab and operate all of the controls from the seat.
Manure Scraper
Excellent for cleanup in free-stall barns with backdrag to draw material from corners and walls.
Mower, Rotary Brush
Designed to cut through heavy weeds, undergrowth, brush and small saplings up to 3" in diameter.
This powerful land clearing attachment is designed for efficient mulching of brush and small trees.
Pallet Fork Frame Med-Duty
Convenient walk-through style frame allows easier access to and from the cab.
Pallet Fork Frame with Grapple
Jaws pull material toward frame; clamp small pipe to large culverts, transport ply wood and more.
Pallet Forks-Hydraulic-Rotating
Hydraulically control pallet fork rotation up to 180 degrees from your cab!
Pallet Forks-Hydraulic-Side Shift
Hydraulically shift side-to-side 16" travel - 8" right or left from the seat.
Pallet Forks-Hydraulic-Sliding Tine
Hydraulically control the tines in and out equally to keep the load centered.
Post Driver
Driving action eliminates air pockets in the soil and provides an immediate air-tight post set.
Post Pounder and Puller
One-person operation provides fast, cost effective fence post installation and removal all in one.
Power Rake
Dual-motor, direct-drive drum prepares seed-ready soil in minutes.
Rake, Auto
Groom and finish soil, remove rocks up to 6" in diameter into the bucket for dumping at a chosen location later.
Rake, Grader
Separate debris from soil or scarify, grade and level hard-packed dirt with this versatile rake.
Rake, Preparator
This heavy-duty rake collects rocks up to 20" in diameter and tills compacted soil into a perfect seedbed.
Rock Wheel
Make precise road or utility cuts 2.5" or 4.5" wide, up to 24" deep and up to 15 feet/minute with this monster attachment.
Roto Tiller
Break up soil and mix with compost for a perfect seed bed.
Side Discharge Bucket
Discharge sand or lay sawdust for bedding in farming applications.
Silt Fence Installer
Control erosion by installing silt fence quickly and effortlessly.
Skeleton Tine Grapple
Two powerful, independently operating grapple arms designed to handle brush, logs, pipe and awkward debris.
Slab Removal Bucket
Three heavy-duty teeth with 1-1/2" T-1 steel shanks slide under concrete to lift entire slabs at once.
Snow Blade
Clear snow from sidewalks or parking lots with blades ranging from 60" to 120".
Snow Blower
Throw snow up to 45', and rotate the hydraulically-controlled chute and deflector 280 degrees.
Snow Push - Oscillating
Oscillates along uneven surfaces keeping the edge in contact with the surface being cleared.
Snow Push Low Profile
Excellent visibility with capacity to move up to 192 cubic feet of snow, wastewater, manure and more.
Spreader - Electric
Electrically powered Spreader engineered with minimal moving parts spreads salt, seed and fertilizer.
Spreader - Hydraulic
Features a self-loading 8 cubic foot hopper with agitator to prevent bridging of material for smooth flow.
Stump Grinder
Carbide steel teeth quickly grind stumps into wood chips.
Stump Grinder Self-Feeding
Unique hinged-pivot, self-feeding design offers excellent operator visibility and grinding efficiency.
Stump Removal Bucket
Side teeth on the bucket cut through stubborn roots and three cast steel teeth dig deep under stumps.
Tires, Solid Flex
Guaranteed to last 3 times longer than a pneumatic foam filled tire!
Increase traction on slippery, muddy, sandy and snowy surfaces and reduce ground pressure.
Tree Handler
Use this tool to transport trees or move large boulders.
Tree Puller-Grabbing Tool
Pull fence posts, rebar, invasive trees or bushes and roots out of the ground with ease.
Tree Shear
Clip hardwoods up to 14" in hard to reach areas.
Tree Shear-High-Reach Clipper
Six-foot reach and rotating cutting head cuts hardwoods up to 9 inches in diameter.
Tree Spade
Dig holes, transplant trees, move boulders and more.
Tree Spade - U-Blade
Dig forward & backward, break up hard soil & rocks, trench, transplant trees and more.
Tree Transplanter
Perfect for landscapers and nursery owners, EDGE Tree Transplanters penetrate tough soil and produce a beautiful pot-shape root ball.
Trench Filler
Fill 60 feet of open trench in 60 seconds!
Dig trenches from 24-60 inches deep and from 6-12 inches wide.
Configures into 5 positions and plows through snow, dirt, gravel or sand. Use it year round.