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New EDGE Stump Grinder, Self-Feeding

Thursday, March 15, 2012


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An all new EDGE Self-Feeding Stump Grinder attachment has been added to the lineup of stump grinders and tree tools offered by CEAttachments.


Unique Design

This new model EDGE Stump Grinder features a unique hinged-pivot, self-feeding design for excellent operator visibility and efficient grinding of stumps up to 30-inches wide and 10-inches below ground in minutes.


Rugged Rotor

The massive 3/4-inch thick, 24-inch diameter steel cutting wheel features 36 bolt-on carbide steel cutting teeth to power through even the toughest stumps.


Easy to Operate

This economical and easy-to-use Stump Grinder is compact for transport and storage and the hydraulic controls are simple to operate.  There is no need for a separate electric control box.


Easy to hook up and remove from most skid steers, requires only 12-22 gpm hydraulic flow and comes complete with hoses and flat face couplers.


  • Hinged-pivot, self-feeding design for optimal visibility and performance
  • No electrical connections are required, making it easy to operate
  • Rugged 24-inch cutting wheel with 36 carbide teeth for long life
  • Grinds stumps up to 3-inches wide and 10-inches below ground
  • Easy to hook up, remove, transport and store




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