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New EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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The EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes have been re-engineered for more efficient and reliable performance in moving snow, flood wastewater, manure or other materials.


These new Low Profile Snow Pushes are designed with lower endplates, decreasing the overall height of the pusher to only 25.7 inches and providing greater visibility for operators.  The strength of these new endplates has also been significantly increased by angling the cross brace to the lower corner.


The new design also features a formed upper section, without obstructing visibility, that provides additional strength while acting as a snow deflector.  This upper section also features grated step plates to assist with getting in and out of the cab.


The depth of the mount to the moldboard has also been dramatically reduced, improving the performance and maneuverability of the pusher.


The new EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes continue to feature replaceable rubber cutting edges and adjustable skid shoes.


Optional pull-back kits are also available to give an operator the ability to draw materials back from confined areas such as loading docks or buildings.

  • Lower endplates greatly improve overall visibility
  • Cross brace adds substantial strength and durability
  • Upper section plate with step creates snow deflector
  • Reduced depth to mount board improves maneuverability





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