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New EDGE Oscillating Snow Push

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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The New EDGE Oscillating Snow Push is designed to deliver optimal snow clearing performance while traveling along varying fluctuations in ground surface. The design features a large, plated pin in the center of the push, along with four bolts that allow the Snow Push to oscillate up to 8 degrees. The floating side plates and frame links allow the weight of the pusher to be transferred onto the rubber edge, which keeps the Snow Push in contact with the area being cleared. The reversible, replaceable rubber edge features 3” of wear per side.

These New EDGE Oscillating Snow Pushes are 40.8” high for excellent operator visibility, and come in 84” (7-ft.), 96” (8-ft.) or 108” (9-ft.) widths, allowing you to select the right size for your skid steer and your job. The 84” Snow Push has the capacity to move up to 159 cubic feet of snow, while the 96” moves up to 182 cubic feet, and the 108” model pushes up to 204 cubic feet of snow.

Optional Pull-Back Kits are the perfect complimentary attachment for the new EDGE Oscillating Snow Push. Pull-Back Kits allow for down pressure the rubber cutting edge to draw snow or other materials away from confined spaces such as loading docks or buildings.

While the EDGE Snow Pushes are exceptional for moving snow in the winter, they are also incredibly versatile attachments that can be used year-round to move other materials such as flood-cleanup wastewater or manure.

Other EDGE Snow Push attachments offered by the company include Low and High Profile models with optional Pull-Back Kits for these as well. The company also offers many other snow moving attachments including Snow Blowers, Snow Buckets, Snow Blades, V-Blades, Brooms and Spreaders.




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